Senate passes budget deal, sends bill to Trump’s desk for approval

Just prior to breaking for the summer, the Senate easily passed a sweeping budget bill by a vote of 67–28.

The budget, which President Donald Trump has been waiting on, will suspend the debt ceiling until mid-year 2021, The Hill reports.

Adding to the deficit

While there was widespread applause on both sides of the political aisle over the new budget, not everyone was happy with the terms.

To those who are fiscally conservative, like Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), this budget was a disaster. It will add an additional $1.7 trillion to the already out-of-control deficit in this country, a move that prompted conservative group Heritage Action to call the budget the “most fiscally egregious deal in recent years.”

“Both parties have deserted — have absolutely and utterly deserted — America and show no care and no understanding and no sympathy for the burden of debt they are leaving the taxpayers, the young, the next generation, and the future of our country,” Sen. Paul said.

Fellow Republican John Kennedy (LA) also criticized the budget for continuing to allow spending without making any significant effort to save money and decrease the deficit.

In all, 23 GOP senators and 5 Democrats voted no on the proposal.

Five senators, including four Democrat 2020 hopefuls, did not vote on the measure.

Plenty of time

But while not everyone was pleased, the new budget was counted as a win by many, including President Trump, who had requested $750 billion be allotted for defense and $567 billion for non-defense spending in 2020.

He mostly got what he asked for: the bill passed with $738 billion earmarked for defense spending and $632 billion allotted for non-defense spending.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also spoke highly of the bill prior to the vote, and he encouraged every member of the Senate to approve it.

When the budget was finally passed, Trump celebrated via Twitter, touting it as a major victory for both the military and the economy. And, he noted, “there is always plenty of time to CUT!”

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