Senate leaders deny Trump’s demand for quick trial

President Donald Trump has been calling for an immediate trial, but it seems he won’t get his wish this time. The Senate has decided to push an impeachment trial to the back burner and take the holidays off.

According to The Hill, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) couldn’t come to an agreement on the terms of the trial, so the nation will have to wait to see where impeachment goes from here.

Caught between a rock and a hard place

Democrats are in a bad spot right now. Impeachment has had the opposite of its intended effect: it’s boosting support for Trump.

Americans have been overexposed and are beginning to resent the rhetoric of Democrats. The lack of evidence against Trump isn’t helping.

Trump knows this, and he wants an immediate and efficient trial so the nation can move on to more important issues. But unfortunately for Trump, the Senate has said no.

There has been a series of failed negotiations between Republican and Democrat leaders in the Senate. There seems to be no agreement on how to continue, and so no solution will be agreed upon before the holiday break.

The Senate is not set to reconvene until Jan. 3, thus, no further action will be taken at least until then.

The circus continues

To add to the drama of the Senate trying to put together a trial, Dems in the House aren’t done creating problems.

The Democrat-led House passed the two articles of impeachment handily on Wednesday, but now they are refusing to send the articles to the Senate.

According to Breitbart, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked about when the articles would be advanced to the Senate, she said: “That would have been our intention, but we’ll see what happens over there.”

Mitch McConnell responded to Pelosi’s obstruction by saying that “House Democrats may be too afraid…to even transmit their shoddy work product to the Senate,” Breitbart reported. He went on to rip House Democrats for “sitting on their hands” after rushing the impeachment vote.

Democrats are trying to force Republicans to agree to their terms in the Senate, but the leverage is not on the side of the Democrats. While Trump wants a quick trial to clear his name, the long game benefits him as well. Democrats have already had one representative flip to the GOP over the issue, a possible sign of things to come.

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