Report: Sen. Grassley is investigating Hunter Biden’s China dealings

Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden may have yet another problem on his hands related to his son, Hunter Biden.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) is reportedly looking into Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China — specifically, a major deal that also involved a Chinese company suspected of stealing U.S. military secrets.

This news comes from the Washington Free Beacon, which reported that Grassley “received a classified briefing about the foreign investment deal on Friday.”

Compromising National Security

Would you expect the son of a vice president to work with/for a company that was alleged to have attempted to steal plans for military equipment?

Would you expect the son of a vice president to work with/for a company that helped develop technology for the Chinese to help arrest its own citizens for religious persecution?

Well, that is exactly what Hunter Biden is being accused of having done.

According to the Beacon, BHR Partners, a Chinse state-backed equity firm on whose board Hunter Biden had sat since 2013, partnered with The Aviation Industry Corporation of China for a $600 million acquisition of a U.S. automotive company in 2015.

The partnership is problematic, partly because of the involvement of The Aviation Industry Corporation, which is believed to have attempted to steal plans for the F-35 fighter jet from the U.S. Grassley also raised concerns in an August letter about potential conflicts-of-interest between the parties in the deal and Obama administration officials.

This allegation is completely separate from the other accusations that have been made against Joe and Hunter Biden regarding Hunter’s highly-paid position on the board of the corrupt Ukrainian energy company Burisma and the massive investment Hunter’s equity fund received from Chinese investors.

Where is the Equal Treatment?

Can you just imagine what would happen if any of Trump’s kids had one of these allegations made against them, let alone the slew of possible wrongdoings by Hunter Biden?

How do you think the media would have reacted to Trump greasing the ways for one of his children to get a direct Naval commission?

For some reason, our elected officials seem to think everything that Hunter Biden did that is linked to Joe Biden possibly using his influence to help his son does not constitute a crime.

If it is not a crime, what harm can there be in holding a cursory investigation to find out the truth once and for all?

If Senator Grassley goes ahead with this investigation, expect Democrats kick up a fuss and claim that the Senate has been weaponized for political reasons, while at the same time justifying the handful of investigations with which they are trying to change the results of 2016 election.

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