Senate GOP sends prosecutors evidence on Hunter Biden

The Washington Examiner reports that Senate Republicans have just sent prosecutors evidence that they have gathered on President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. 

The evidence – 221 pages worth – was specifically sent by Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) to the Delaware-based U.S. Attorney David Weiss.

Weiss is currently leading a criminal investigation into Hunter Biden. Weiss, accordingly, is going to be instrumental in deciding whether or not to indict Hunter Biden.

“Biden family’s connections” to China

Grassley and Weiss included with the evidence a cover-letter explaining what they are sending and why they are sending it.

The senators write:

Today, in light of your and DOJ’s failure to respond to our legitimate congressional oversight requests and as part of our ongoing congressional investigation, we are transmitting to you over two hundred pages of records relating to the Biden family’s connections to the Chinese regime and persons connected to its military and intelligence elements. These records include over one hundred pages of unredacted and previously unreleased bank records relating to one of Hunter Biden’s businesses, Hudson West III.

The senators added, “if you are conducting a full and complete investigation, you should already possess these records. In the case that you are not and do not possess these records, we suggest that you review them in detail.”

The senators, here, more or less, are accusing the FBI and DOJ of not doing their jobs properly.


This is all part of a congressional investigation that Grassley and Johnson have been leading into the business dealings – possibly the criminal business dealings – of Hunter Biden and James Biden, respectively, the son and the brother of President Joe Biden.

If the Republicans retake Congress in the midterm elections, they are promising to get to the bottom of the Hunter Biden situation. And, Grassley has made it clear that, if he becomes the next head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he will seek testimony from both Hunter Biden and James Biden.

The federal government has also been conducting a criminal investigation of Hunter Biden. There have been multiple reports recently indicating FBI investigators believe that they have enough evidence to charge Hunter Biden with tax fraud. They also believe that they have enough evidence to charge Hunter Biden with making a false statement during his purchase of a handgun.

Congressional Republicans, however, believe that this federal government investigation may not be free from political interference. They believe that the government, led by Hunter Biden’s father, may be looking to find a way to make it look as though it is holding Hunter Biden accountable, but is actually letting him off easy.

Grassley, Johnson, and other congressional Republicans are trying to ensure this doesn’t happen.

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