Senate Democrats cancel vote on Biden judicial nominee Dale Ho

June 8, 2023
Ryan Ledendecker

President Joe Biden just took another humiliating optics hit after another one of his judicial nominees was pulled from consideration by the Senate, at least for now. 

According to the Washington Examiner, Dale Ho, the president's pick for a Manhattan area judicial seat, was dropped from consideration this week by Senate Democrats, citing attendance issues for a procedural vote regarding his nomination.

The Examiner reported that Ho is expected to receive a vote at an undetermined, rescheduled date.

The surprise development comes in the wake of Ho's appointment being harshly opposed by many congressional Republicans.

What happened?

It was reported this week that the absence of a Democratic senator was the reason for the canceled vote.

"Vote update: Cloture was withdrawn with respect to the Ho nomination. There will now be one roll call vote at 11:30am today. Further, the Senate will proceed to one roll call vote at 2:30pm in relation to the Syed nomination," the Senate Cloakroom tweeted.

Strong opposition

Many conservatives have worked to expose Ho's past, some of which some believe is highly controversial and enough to keep him from being appointed to the powerful New York judicial post.

"Dale Ho continues to hide his tweets after he was exposed for backing extreme positions during his career working for left-wing dark money groups," Carrie Severino tweeted.

Others called out some of his past controversial, radically leftist comments.

Only time will tell if Ho finally gets pushed through to become a federal judge, but it's unclear when or if that might happen.

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