Senate approves 13 judges while impeachment debate rages

President Donald Trump is used to winning, but the latest news out of the Senate may be his greatest victory yet. While House Democrats waste time on impeachment, Republicans in the Senate were hard at work.

Thirteen judicial nominations have been pushed through the Senate as of Thursday, and at this point, Trump has flipped or will flip 13 more judgeships into his column of appointments.

McConnell aggressively fighting for Trump

Operating off of the motto of “leave no vacancy behind,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is committed to getting judges approved.

CNN reported that “Wednesday afternoon, the Senate majority leader forced a deal with Democrats to expedite 11 federal district judge nominations. Before adjourning on Thursday, all were confirmed.”

Trump has nominated a record number of appellate court judges, adding 13 in the latest round of voting. That number has bumped the record-breaking ranks of Trump-nominated judges up to 50.

The impact these judges will have will last long after Trump has left office. If Trump wins re-election, he could possibly staff a majority of the federal courts with his nominees.

Trump has Mitch McConnell and the Republicans in the Senate to thank for that. Furthermore, he also can thank the Democrats who abandoned their party line.

A fair amount of Trump’s nominees have had bipartisan support from both Republicans and Democrats. Trump’s restraint from picking radical judges has been a masterpiece of political strategy.

Democrats failing

While Democrat senators work with Republicans to fill vacancies in courts, Democrats in the House are failing to accomplish much of anything.

The House has spent almost all of its time in the last several months on impeachment and that effort isn’t paying off. Public opinion has shifted against impeachment and House Democrats are losing momentum.

Democrats were so committed to impeachment that they delayed voting on the groundbreaking USMCA, a much-needed update to NAFTA. The USMCA stands to generate billions and create jobs all over the nation.

Impeachment may very well cost Democrats the election and more seats in the Senate. Four more years of Trump could mean the judiciary will be completely staffed with his nominees, ensuring the security of President Trump’s legacy.

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