Sen. Warren attacks Supreme Court as ‘extremist’ before it hears upcoming abortion cases

As Democrats fail on multiple legislative fronts, it appears as if they have a new target on which to train their criticism — the U.S. Supreme Court.

According to BizPac Review, during an MSNBC interview over the weekend, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) attacked the conservative majority high court, going as far as labeling it an “extremist” institution in its current form. 

The newfound round of SCOTUS criticism comes as most in the Democratic Party, including President Joe Biden and his White House, pull out all of the stops in attacking the latest anti-abortion bill passed in Texas, which bans virtually all abortions after the six-week mark of pregnancy, one of the strictest abortion laws passed to date.

With the Supreme Court asked once again by the Biden administration to temporarily halt the law, and as the high court prepares to begin hearings over it and an upcoming, potentially landmark abortion case stemming from a recently-passed Mississippi law, Democrats are clearly putting all of their chips on attacking the institution.

“Extremist court”

MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart played several clips of Texas state Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D) slamming the high court for acting like abortion is “an issue that we need to vacillate over.” Capehart turned to Warren for her take on Crockett’s analysis.

“She’s talking about the Supreme Court, what it’s doing vis-a-vis that super restrictive Texas anti-abortion law, that they won’t even put the brakes on while they take these arguments on November 1st,” Capehart said, before asking about Warren’s opinion on the matter.

“Look, the court has signaled 40 different ways that it is an extremist court, out of step with the American people, and that it’s willing to line up and take a shot at Roe v. Wade,” Warren replied.

Warren added: “Now, whether they’ll get rid of it entirely or just let the states continue to chip at it, come on. They’ve given us every possible signal. But for me, what that means is it’s time for Congress to step up.”

Clearly, she was referring to calls from other progressives for the Supreme court to codify Roe v. Wade before the upcoming Mississippi abortion case potentially results in a total revamping of the 1973 decision, one way or another.

Last-ditch effort

Because Democrats are widely expected to take a number of losses in the 2022 midterm elections, coupled with the fact that President Biden’s polling numbers and repeated failures are dragging the party down in the public eye, Dems, like Warren, are calling an audible and grasping onto any issue that might pump up their base.

While Biden’s Supreme Court commission recently punted the idea that court-packing would benefit the high court, don’t be surprised to see the radical wing of the Democratic Party circle back to that topic, given the decisions that will likely be handed down from the conservative-stacked bench.

Only time will tell if Dems gain any traction for attacking the Supreme Court, but the new attack angle reeks of desperation, and Americans can smell it from a mile away.

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