Sen. Sanders believes Dems are making a big mistake with abortion

Fox News reports that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), over the past week, has been arguing that the Democrats are making a big midterm election mistake by essentially going all-in on the abortion issue, while ignoring issues that most Americans would consider to be more important, such as the economy. 

Sanders has made his case in television appearances and even in an op-ed that was published by The Guardian.


The Democrats’ number one midterm election strategy has been pushing the abortion issue. The Democrats began doing so after the unprecedented leak of the draft U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade. 

At the time, the Democrats were desperate for something to run on. Nothing was going their way. So, when this opportunity presented itself the Democrats’ jumped on it.

There are signs that this strategy has been somewhat successful. For example, before the Democrats started talking about abortion, they were getting blown away in the midterm polls. But, after they started talking about abortion, the Republicans’ lead in the polls narrowed.

Still, many remained skeptical that the abortion issue could carry the Democrats, particularly considering some of the other issues that Americans are facing, especially the economic crisis.

More recently, it appears that these skeptics were right. As the midterms draw near, polls are suggesting that Americans aren’t as interested in the Democrats’ abortion push and are more focused on the U.S. economy.

Sanders’s warning

A week ago, Sanders put out an op-ed in which he suggested that the Democrats are making a mistake by focusing so narrowly on the abortion issue ahead of the midterms.

“In my view,” Sanders writes, “while the abortion issue must remain on the front burner, it would be political malpractice for Democrats to ignore the state of the economy and allow Republican lies and distortions to go unanswered.”

Sanders, in the rest of the piece, explains why and how he believes that Democrats can make a strong economic case for their candidates.

“You can’t win elections unless you have the support of the working class of this country,” Sanders notes. “But, you’re not going to have that support unless you make it clear that you’re prepared to take on powerful special interests – and fight for the millions of Americans who are struggling economically.”

Sanders, of course, is right, here. But, it is hard to believe that the Democrats can make a compelling economic case for their candidates given that it is under Democratic leadership that America’s economy went down the drain.

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