Sen. Rand Paul pivots, publicly endorses Judge Kavanaugh for the U.S. Supreme Court

President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee just jumped a massive hurdle.

Senator Rand Paul has officially voiced his support and announced he will vote to approve Judge Kavanaugh as the next Supreme Court Justice.

Dodging a Bullet

Senator Rand Paul is always seen as a swing vote for Senate votes.

He is not someone to necessarily vote along party lines simply for the sake of doing so.

While most conservatives would agree Kavanaugh is a great nomination, there were some issues Senator Paul wanted confirmation on before committing his support.

One of those issues was warrantless bulk data collection.

Paul now feels that because a precedent has been set on this matter, Kavanaugh will respect that law and respect digital records and property privacy.

Unlike Rand…

While Paul had concerns and took the time to meet with Judge Kavanaugh over them, that is not the case for everyone.

As far as we know, not a single Democrat senator has requested Kavanaugh’s presence to discuss their issues.

In fact, rumors have Senator Chuck Schumer rallying his troops to ensure not a single Democrat votes in favor of Kavanaugh.

As our president has stated on numerous occasions, Democrats are more concerned with being obstructionists these days than actually solving problems.

There are also a few RINO senators that stood against Trump just for the sake of doing so.

However, that will more than likely start to change the closer we get to mid-term elections.

The RINOs are going to need the President’s support to get re-elected.

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Incumbent Democrats in red states are also going to need to gain some favor with Trump supporters if they hope to hold their seats.

Voting in favor of a Trump-nominated justice might be enough to get the fence sitters to throw a vote their way.

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