Sen. Paul says ‘overwhelming evidence’ exists regarding the COVID lab leak theory, demands Fauci be fired

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has led the Republican charge against Dr. Tony Fauci with regard to the White House chief medical adviser’s role in the gain-of-function research that Paul believes likely led to the development of what we now know as COVID-19.

According to Fox News, Paul made his most public call for Fauci’s firing this week, and during a recent interview on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, he took the time to explain why he believes Fauci is done, including his insistence that there’s overwhelming evidence to suggest COVID-19 was developed in a Wuhan, China lab as a result of gain-of-function research.

Paul’s opinion on the matter is seemingly taken more seriously by those paying attention, given his background as a medical doctor.

What did he say?

While the “lab leak theory” was originally written off as right-wing conspiracy theory, at best, in recent months the media has changed its stance on reporting on the possibility, as more evidence is available now that shows a strong likelihood that COVID-19 did, in fact, come from the Wuhan lab.

“The thing is, overwhelmingly the evidence points towards this virus COVID came from some lab. There hasn’t been shown to be an intermediate animal host. It looks like it came from a lab,” Paul explained.

He added: “The technique they use in Wuhan and other labs is very dangerous. They combine an unknown virus with a virus that can cause a pandemic and they say what happens? They see what happens.”

“That sounds like gain of function but, you know what, Dr. Fauci still says it wasn’t gain of function because we didn’t know in advance that this was going to happen,” Paul continued.

A dire warning

Paul went on to lay out why he’s concerned about the gain-of-function research that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has helped fund over the years. He also slammed Fauci for allowing it to happen, though it’s clear that it’s an extremely dangerous experiment.

“And, so, Dr. Fauci says that’s OK, it is not really gain of function unless gain of function occurs. But it is like really? We’re going to let them experiment with pandemic-causing viruses and unknown viruses? This is very dangerous research,” the Kentucky senator said.

He went on to say that he’s called for hearings into the matter, on multiple occasions, but has been shut down by Fauci’s Democratic allies at each turn.

“I’ve been calling for an investigation in two full committees for over six months. Not one Democrat has allowed one hearing to develop. This is important because what if the next virus that comes out of a lab has a 15% mortality or a 50% mortality?” Paul warned.

Thankfully, there are members of Congress like Paul who are not afraid to challenge Fauci, who has the backing of the White House. Only time will tell if the Biden administration ever terminates Fauci, but if more evidence emerges that continues to expose the infectious disease expert, they might just be forced to do so.

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