Sen. Orrin Hatch says he will ‘lift Heaven and Earth’ to get Judge Kavanaugh confirmed

President Trump got some great news off the Hill regarding his Supreme Court nomination.

Senator Orrin Hatch penned an op-ed on the Washington Examiner, stating, “…I will lift heaven and Earth to see that he is confirmed.”

Judicial Philosophy

Something that is lost on liberals these days is the separation of powers.

Judges do not make laws.

That duty is reserved for Congress and the executive branch.

Judges are supposed to interpret and enforce the laws.

The problem, though, is in how judges interpret laws these days.

Conservative justices interpret the laws to the letter using our Constitution.

Liberals like to treat the Constitution as a guideline and interject their own opinions into these interpretations.

Sadly, that often results in personal beliefs making their way into the decision, something that is not supposed to happen, at least according to our Founding Fathers.

Reputation Precedes Him

Although Kavanaugh is a conservative by nature, his reputation as a Judge is impeccable.

Having been appointed, with some resistance by Democrats, by then-President Bush, he has presided over hundreds, if not thousands of decisions.

We know, based on his performance on the DC Circuit Court, he is a principled juror who does NOT put his personal views into his decisions.

In other words, he is an ideal candidate to become a Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States.

Democrats will no doubt obstruct his appointment and do everything they can to eliminate him.

Ultimately, though, they will not be successful because there simply is no reason for him to removed from consideration.

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It will be a challenge, but with Senator Hatch on task, ultimately, Kavanaugh should be the next Supreme Court Justice.

More importantly, he will be a voice on the highest court in our land that will ensure our laws, as dictated by our Constitution, are upheld.

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