Sen. Hawley predicts SCOTUS will uphold Mississippi abortion law, possibly overturn Roe

Given that Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) formerly clerked for Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and is considered one of the top constitutional lawyers in America, people tend to listen closely when he makes a SCOTUS prediction, as he did last month.

In an interview with Breitbart following oral arguments in a potentially landmark abortion case out of Mississippi, Hawley stated that the fate of Roe v. Wade is “very much in play,” and said overturning the antiquated 1973 abortion ruling would mean solving the “greatest injustice in our lifetimes.”

The Mississippi case, known as Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, will be ruled on later this year, and Hawley believes that the conservative majority high court will rule 6–3 in favor of keeping the law in place, which could result in a monumental shift in abortion laws across the nation.

Such a ruling, if Hawley’s prediction pans out, would mean that states would have a whole new level of control with regard to abortion restrictions, and red states across the nation would likely enact their own Mississippi-like laws immediately afterward.

The “greatest injustice”

Hawley expressed his passion for the abortion issue, telling Breitbart that Roe is one of the primary reasons why he made the decision to pursue high-level politics.

“It would mean the reaching of a landmark goal that I mean, frankly, I have to say just personally, that Roe is one of the reasons that the major reason that I went into politics, and I think that’s true for many, many other people,” the Missouri Republican said.

He added: “That’s one of the major reasons I was interested in the law. And this is the greatest injustice of our lifetimes.”

“I just have to say that someone who believes that Roe is one of the worst decisions ever handed down by the Supreme Court, I think it would be a monumental moral landmark and reverse a great injustice,” Hawley continued.

In an early December tweet, Hawley also expressed confidence that Roe could be overturned but added that he believes the deciding vote could come down to Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

Critics disagree

With the abortion issue being one of the hottest political topics at any given time, countless organizations, Democratic politicians, and other pro-abortion advocacy groups have argued that overturning Roe v. Wade would be an authoritarian move.

“Controlling reproduction has always been the first step in any hierarchical or authoritarian government,” said nationally recognized abortion activist Gloria Steinem.

She added: “In this still-patriarchal time, looking to control the one thing they don’t have is the first effort in creating a hierarchy.”

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