Sen. Chuck Grassley tells Supreme Court justices to retire soon

Two, possibly three Supreme Court Justices are considering retirement.

Senator Charles Grassley, quite frankly, is sick of them putting it off and wants them to “do it yesterday.”

Time for Change

There are three justices on the Supreme Court whose time has come.

Justice Anthony Kennedy, 81-years-old

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85-years-old

Justice Stephen Breyer, 79-years-old

Each one of these justices has served at least two decades on the bench.

The only other Justice in that same category would be Justice Clarence Thomas, but he is only 69-years-old.

Justice Kennedy has reportedly been contemplating retirement for several years, so it would be no surprise to see him step down.

Kennedy has a history of coronary disease as well as having a shoulder surgery in recent years.

Justice Ginsburg has had several health scares, including several bouts with cancer.

She has also been seen dozing off more than a few times in her chair.

Clearly, their time has come on the bench, but everyone is afraid to say anything for fear of offending someone.

Mandatory Retirement

Health and age of our Justices has been a concern of this administration, and it should be.

The subject of mandatory retirement after years served or at a specific age has been discussed before, but it always treated with kid gloves.

Most states force retirement for judges at the age of 70, but that may be premature for a Justice, considering many of them are not actually appointed until late in their careers.

However, 78 or 80, that should definitely be in the picture.

It is no secret people lose their mental edge as they get older.

Considering the importance of the issues our Justices rule on, making them retire at the age of 80 is not out of the question.

If a specific age is too hot of a potato to touch, make them pass both a mental and physical exam after the age of 75.

As long as they pass, they can continue to sit on the bench. If they fail, then they need to retire, period.

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Now, what we have is Justices with a political agenda refusing to retire simply because they don’t want Trump to name their replacement.

Grassley got it right…. Ginsburg, Kennedy, and Breyer, the time for you to retire has come, so step down.

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