Sen. Blumenthal backtracks after being seen in attendance at communist awards show

One high-profile Democratic senator is trying to save face after attending a Communist Party-affiliated awards show, Fox News reports

That senator is Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), who, after facing criticism over his attendance, attempted to ensure concerned observers that he does not support the Communist Party.

What was the event?

The communist event that Blumenthal attended on Dec. 11th is known as the Amsted Award ceremony.

The annual event was hosted by the Connecticut People’s World Committee, which is an affiliate of both Communist Party USA, and the Marxist People’s World News website. One of the primary objectives of the event is to recruit new members to the communist community.

To give readers a flavor of the event, here is what the emcee told the crowd at one point:

We invite you to join the Communist Party in this epic time as we make good trouble to uproot systemic racism, retool the war economy, tax the rich, address climate change, secure voting rights and create a new socialist system that puts people, peace and planet before profits.

Blumenthal not only attended the event, but he was reportedly an active participant in it. Reports indicate that Blumenthal spoke at the event and noted that he gave an honorary certificate to the three winners of the Amsted Award.


Now, Blumenthal is trying to back-peddle the extent of his participation at the event.

“My understanding was that this ceremony was strictly a labor event,” Blumenthal said recently in an interview with the Hartford Courant. “If I had known the details, I wouldn’t have gone.”

Blumenthal went on to assure everyone that he is not a supporter of the American Communist Party.

“Let me just say very emphatically, I’m a Democrat and a strong believer in American capitalism,” Blumenthal said. “I have been consistently a Democrat and a strong supporter and believer in American capitalism.”

Again, the most shocking part of the report is that Blumenthal is “a strong supporter and believe in American capitalism.” Many would say that’s breaking news on its own.

Considering the direction that the Democrats, including Blumenthal, have tried to lead America in, it wasn’t truly surprising to learn of Blumenthal’s attendance at the event.

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