Self-proclaimed California ‘shaman’ charged with felony arson for sparking destructive wildfire

While Democrats want nothing more than for you to believe that all wildfires are caused by “climate change,” they conveniently leave out the fact that countless individuals have been arrested for their roles in starting some of the fires.

The latest example of arsonists being arrested for sparking large fires, according to the New York Post, happened in California after a self-proclaimed “shaman” attempted to boil bear urine to drink, which instead resulted in the catastrophic Fawn Fire that claimed at least 40 homes and nearly 100 small structures. 

Local reporters have said that the Fawn Fire still threatens thousands of homes as it rages out of control.

According to CAL Fire, the Shasta County-based Fawn Fire now affects nearly 9,000 acres, and it’s only 65% controlled, with an “active” time now of five days and counting.

Who started it?

Alexandra Souverneva, 30, according to documents obtained by the Redding Record-Searchlight, sparked the large and destructive fire after attempting to boil a puddle of bear urine to drink on her hike into Canada.

Apparently, she eventually gave up after trying to boil the supposed urine puddle and eventually decided to drink it straight and continue on her way, allegedly starting what would become the Fawn Fire in the process.

The fire spread so fast that Souverneva ultimately found herself trapped in the bush and was forced to call emergency officials to rescue her.

Upon discovering the trapped hiker, Souverneva was told to empty her pockets, which contained CO2 cartridges, a cigarette lighter, and an undisclosed item “containing a green, leafy substance she admitted to smoking that day,” reports indicate.

Deep trouble

The woman faces a number of felony charges, including charges “not only for arson, but also for committing an arson during a state of emergency.”

She pleaded not guilty, though her attorney reported that in her initial statement to law enforcement officers, she pointed to an undisclosed mental health issue “or something to do with drug abuse.”

In addition, Souverneva is now under suspicion for starting a number of other fires in the area.

If convicted on any of the felony charges, the California “shaman” faces multiple years in prison, especially given the current state-issued “state of emergency,” which will enhance certain felony charges.

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