Top Trump security spokesman to resign, leave WH sources say

The Trump administration is about to get another shakeup.

Piggybacking on the resignation of National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, National Security Council spokesman Michael Anton will be leaving the administration, reports stated.

Ally Turned Adversary

During the election season, it was believed that Anton was the author behind the “Flight 93” essay.

This was a scathing look at how conservative establishment politicians had failed the people of this country.

It also took a hard look at why conservative Americans needed to vote for Trump if they wanted true change in our political system.

While Anton once seemed to be a valuable ally for Trump, that would change with his duties as the primary spokesperson for Secretary McMaster.

More than a few have suspected Anton of being the source behind many of the leaks in Trump’s administration.

With John Bolton taking over the duties of National Security Advisor, Anton may have seen the writing on the wall.

Bolton has made it very clear that sealing the leaks in this administration is at the top of his “to do” list.

That being the case, Anton was no doubt already on his hit list.

The Future

Anton did take the high road on his way out the door, though.

Upon announcing his departure, he was very gracious to Mr. Trump.

Anton stated, “I will be forever grateful to President Trump for the opportunity to serve my country and implement his agenda.”

It has been reported that Anton will now serve as a lecture and writer for Hillsdale College at the Kirby Center.

The Administration

While the Trump administration got off to a rocky start in terms of appointments, it is rounding out very nicely in Trump’s second year.

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Many of the appointees that have been suspected of leaks and/or loyalty to Obama have been sent packing.

With the tax code changes coming into effect and immigration reform taking place, the future would appear to be very bright for this administration and the United States of America.

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