Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson resigns

One of President Trump’s more prominent female appointees has just tendered her resignation.

The Air Force’s top civilian official, Heather Wilson, resigned effective May 31.

Moving On To Texas

Wilson will be leaving the administration on good terms. In fact, some believe she may be back in a much larger role if not in this administration, for another, in the near future.

For now, though, she will be taking over as President of the University of Texas at El Paso.

By law, her name has to be made public for three weeks before an officiate vote can take place. Once that time passes, however, the school’s regents are expected to unanimously vote on her approval.

Harris was very positive in her resignation letter, both about the administration and in her role as the Secretary of the Air Force. In fact, her resignation letter almost sounded as though a Trump speechwriter had penned it.

She stated, “We have improved the readiness of the force; we have cut years out or acquisition schedules and gotten better prices through competition; we have repealed hundreds of superfluous regulations; and we have strengthened our ability to deter and dominate in space.”

Future Secretary of Defense

There have been rumblings about Harris being named Secretary of Defense for quite some time. More than a few insiders believed she would have eventually inherited the role from Secretary Mattis.

That, however, was before Mattis’ unexpected resignation.

Even though she is moving on, at least for now, there is still clearly support for her among Republican lawmakers to fill that role.

Rep. Michael Turner (R-OH) is among those voicing his support, saying, “She will be deeply missed. Hopefully, someday, we can see Heather Wilson as the first female Secretary of Defense.”

Trump has not been shy about appointing women to prominent roles in this administration, so that may come true if he wins re-election. In the meantime, we all thank Ms. Wilson for her service and wish her the best of luck in her new position.

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