Secret Service breaks up Rose Garden brawl

After Trump hosted a social media summit at the White House, the Rose Garden almost turned into a WWE match.

As the press conference was breaking up, former White House aide Sebastian Gorka and Playboy correspondent Brian Karem had to be separated by security.

The Almost Brawl

Donald Trump has made it a point to go after social media outlets that are censoring conservative websites and personalities. In an effort to fight back against this censorship, Trump held a summit with more than 100 conservative personalities and news outlets.

After the Rose Garden press conference, and after Trump had left, CNN analyst Brian Karem decided to have a little fun.

Karem is the journalist who previously ripped Sarah Sanders when the detention center crisis first started. Point being, he has absolutely no love for this administration at all.

Karem told the conservative invitees they were a “group of people that are eager for demonic possession.” Gorka took exception and started shouting at Karem as he approached him, looking as though he was ready for a throw down at any second.

Secret Service eventually got between the two men and Gorka ended up leaving the area.

Calling Out Fake News

The jousting between the conservatives and the media did not stop after Gorka left, however. Several of the invited guests told the media they needed to stop reporting fake news.

As an example, look at the recent reporting of the Epstein case. If you did not know any better, you would think the only person in the world Jeffrey Epstein knew was Donald Trump.

Every major outlet has hammered the fact that Trump once called Epstein a “nice guy” during a phone interview years ago. However, they are all ignoring Bill Clinton’s deep ties to Epstein as well as the fact he wrote regular checks for Democrat campaigns, including donations adding up to $22k to Chuck Schumer.

Let’s be honest, though, the divide between citizen journalists and the mainstream media may never be the same after what has happened during this administration.

If anything, the mainstream media has only provided a much stronger case for the existence of alternative media outlets manned by citizen journalists.

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