Secret Service investigating Broadway actress’s call to assassination Trump

It continues to amaze how casually entertainers throw around assassination talk.

Now, movie and Broadway star Carole Cook is calling for someone to act like “John Wilkes Booth” and take out President Trump.


Now, does anyone really think a 94-year-old actress is a threat to the president?

Of course not, but…

The problem is how casually she is tossing it out there to the lunatic liberal fans of hers.

Believe me, somewhere out there is some idiot that heard her comments and is thinking about trying to impress her.

What is also disturbing about this is how casually they act about it and treat it like a joke.

Killing the president is simply something you don’t talk about — ever.

Think of the outrage that would have happened had Clint Eastwood joked about killing Barack Obama when he was in office.

When Does It End?

From the day Trump won the election, all we have seen are entertainers trying to dictate how Americans live their lives.

Someone like James Carey talks about needing socialism, yet he jets around the world in private planes and lives in a mansion.

These are the people that are not impacted in any way, shape, or form by the changes they want to see.

Sadly, the younger generation is falling for their rhetoric and taking their word as gospel.

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It is only a matter of time before some maniac takes comments like those made by Cook seriously and acts on them.

Who is going to be held accountable then?

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