Secret Service informs Trump that they cannot verify allegations against Dr. Jackson

After making salacious allegations against President Trump’s nomination to run Veterans Affairs, Senator John Tester just got handed some very bad news.

After making reference to events happening under the Secret Service’s watch, the Secret Service has flat out denied Tester’s so-called “acts” ever took place.

The Allegations

Senator Tester decided to make headlines while appearing with Anderson Cooper on CNN.

During the interview, Tester laid out some rather disturbing allegations against Dr. Jackson, who served both Bush and Obama prior to Trump.

According to Sen. Tester, Jackson was known as the “Candy Man” during this time with the Obama administration.

While not remembering the names of the drugs, Tester said Jackson handed out pills to put people to sleep on international flights.

Then, he would hand out pills to wake everyone up once they touched down.

After repeatedly asking Tester for the names of the pills, Anderson supplied them, saying Tester’s staff told him what the drugs actually were.

Tester went on to say that Jackson repeatedly was unable to answer duty calls because he was drunk.

According to Tester’s sources, Jackson was partying far too much at social events, then someone else had to fill in to perform his duties for him.

Finally, Tester said Jackson regularly abused those that were working for him.

Tester stated, “The people below him, he belittled, screamed at them, really created a toxic environment to the point where the people that worked around him felt like they had to walk on egg shells because of – because of his lack of respect.”

Keep in mind, now, not one employee of Jackson’s has openly come forward, nor has either Bush or Obama said anything to back up Tester’s comments.

One would think if this was happening during Obama’s time in office, the former president would back up the allegations made by Tester, but that has yet to happen.

You’re Fired!

With the Secret Service telling a different story than Tester, President Trump fired off a series of attacks against Tester on Twitter.

Tester must be held accountable for his accusations.

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It is becoming more clear every day Tester made these accusations for the sole purpose of making Trump’s appointment look bad and to serve as an obstructionist.

Trump got it dead right… Tester needs to step down ASAP because we cannot tolerate this kind of dishonesty from our politicians.

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