Secret Service honors the late Sen. John McCain with tweet

During Senator John McCain’s presidential run, he initially refused Secret Service protection.

Eventually, though, he accepted the protection and members of his Secret Service protection detail remembered him well after his death, even using his official code name in their tweet…

McCain’s Battle

Whether you agree with his politics or not, you have to feel for the battle faced by McCain and his family.

To see someone wither away fighting cancer, well, that is something nobody wishes upon anyone.

McCain finally succumbed to the disease this weekend.

Senator McCain passed barely a day after it was announced he would no longer seek treatment for his condition.

Somehow, his family has been able to keep their heads up, constantly keeping the public informed.

That included his wife sending out a tweet that evoked very emotional support from McCain’s supporters…

Trump Extends an Olive Branch

After McCain’s death, CNN published a story which now appears to have been fake news.

It was reported McCain left direction that Trump was not to be at his funeral.

Soon thereafter, the White House ordered the flags to be raised, breaking tradition for a high-profile political figure.

People then published a story saying McCain left no such directive.

Soon afterwards, President Trump issued a statement ordering the flags to remain lowered until McCain’s burial.

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Trump also announced Pence will be available if the family would like him to speak at the funeral.

The President also, while acknowledging their political differences, recognized McCain’s service and sacrifice to our country.

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