Secret Service, hazmat crew respond to incident at White House

Antifa is at it again.

After someone believed to be associated with the group threw a balloon filled with a mystery liquid during a protest near the White House, hazmat crews and Secret Service agents were called in to investigate.

Scary Moment

The days of peaceful demonstrations are over.

A Lafayette Park demonstration organized by a group called the Modern Patriots was unceremoniously interrupted by Smash Racism DC, a group that allegedly has ties to Antifa.

During their disruption of the Modern Patriots rally, a balloon with an unknown liquid substance was thrown.

The area was quickly cordoned off and both the Secret Service and hazmat (hazardous materials) crews were called in.

Four of the protestors were apprehended by authorities over the incident.

It was later revealed that the balloon contained red-water based paint — but while this incident turned out harmless, it just proves how potentially dangerous these protests can turn.

What If…

What if this was only a test run for the Antifa group?

What if they were seeing if they could actually get away with throwing a balloon filled with something that could do harm to others?

What if next time there is some type of acid or other harmful liquid in the balloon?

Antifa has proven in the past that they aren’t afraid to turn violent to make their point.

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The group has gone well beyond protesting and is now using violence at virtually every appearance.

It is clear that they are nothing more than domestic terrorists, and it is time for our government to slap that tag on them and deal with them appropriately the next time they try something like this.

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