Secret Service deleted video of Biden's dog drawing blood

 June 19, 2024

A graphic tape of Joe Biden's vicious German Shepherd biting a Secret Service agent has been deleted, the Daily Mail reported.

The video depicts a previously reported incident on June 15, 2023, in which Biden's dog drew so much blood that tours of the East Wing were paused to clean the floor.

The incident was one of about 25 attacks involving Biden's dog, Commander, who was eventually exiled after the White House initially made excuses for his violent behavior.

Secret Service deleted video

During the June 15, 2023, incident, Commander ran towards the victim "at a high rate of speed" and took a "deep bite," necessitating stitches to the left arm.

"East Wing Tours were stopped for approximately 20 minutes due to blood from the incident being on the floors in the area of the Booksellers," a Secret Service e-mail said.

The Daly Mail made a Freedom of Information Act request for the video, which was cited in the email, but Secret Service said it no longer exists.

"Due to Secret Service retention standards, the above mentioned file(s) has been destroyed," the Secret Service's Freedom of Information Act Officer Kevin Tyrrell said.

Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said he did not have "direct knowledge" of the video but "the record in question is no longer available because of the expiration of record retention."

Biden's vicious animal

The White House initially blamed Commander's behavior on the "stress" of the work environment, but behind the scenes, Secret Service agents complained about the danger they were in. Commander was sometimes left to wander without a leash, which heightened the fear.

"Just for situational awareness. It seems that we're back to the K9 being let off leash to roam the grounds freely," one Secret Service agent warned on May 23, 2023, adding it's "just a matter of time" before someone gets hurt.

The problem became so bad that Secret Service compiled a detailed list of incidents. Biden was present for three of them, including a September 12, 2023, event in which an agent was attacked while Biden took Commander for a leashed walk in the Kennedy Garden.

No blood was drawn but the dog pierced the agent's jacket.

During another exchange that same month, a Secret Service sergeant sarcastically wished a "safe shift" to a colleague following yet another attack.

"FYI – there was a dog bite and the Officer may need to go the hospital," the agent wrote. "Have a safe shift!"

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