Secret Service catches White House intruder who hopped fence

The Secret Service was forced into action on Monday.

Early Monday afternoon, a man with a backpack jumped a White House fence.

Secret Service officers were able to quickly apprehend the man and put him in custody…

Shoot Me

The man who jumped the fence has been identified by local police as Alexander Thomas Miner, 29.

A tourist from Seattle, Jim Tripp, just happened to catch the entire incident on video.

According to Tripp, before jumping over the fence, Miner asked, “Do you want to see if God is real?”

After making the leap over the fence, an alarm was set off, and Miner was quickly approached by Secret Service.

At that time, Tripp says Miner was challenging officers, screaming out “Shoot me,” as they closed in on him.

Stay Cool

While Miner was clearly trying to escalate the situation, Tripp stated the officers remained calm, cool, and collected throughout.

One officer kept him engaged while several other officers approached him from behind to take him down and put him into custody.

After the suspect was apprehended, The Ellipse was temporarily closed while officers investigated.

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After about an hour, it was determined the man’s backpack was not hazardous and the scene was cleared.

Miner is being charged with unlawful entry.

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