A second IRS whistleblower in Hunter Biden case has emerged amid allegations of retaliation for speaking out

May 24, 2023
Ben Marquis

An IRS whistleblower reportedly involved in the federal investigation of Hunter Biden went public anonymously through attorneys last month with allegations of political interference and misconduct in the years-long probe of the president's son.

Now it has been revealed that a second IRS whistleblower has emerged who has also alleged misconduct and acts of retaliation against both whistleblowers, Breitbart reported.

That news follows the revelation that the entire IRS criminal investigative team, of which both whistleblowers were lead members, was summarily removed from the case after roughly five years of work, seemingly as an act of retaliation for blowing the whistle on the alleged improper handling of the case.

IRS and DOJ allegedly retaliating against IRS whistleblowers

According to the Washington Examiner, all of this new information was revealed by the attorneys for the first whistleblower, an IRS supervisory special agent, in a series of letters over the past week that the outlet has obtained.

One of those letters revealed the existence of the second whistleblower, who worked as an IRS case agent under the first whistleblower on the same investigation of Hunter Biden.

The first letter from the attorneys, Tristan Leavitt and Mark Lytle, was sent on May 17 to the Office of Special Counsel and provided details on the alleged acts of retaliation against the SSA, including being shut out of meetings after expressing concerns last October, being subject to an effort to have all of their emails turned over, being passed over for a promotion in favor of a less qualified employee, and ultimately being formally removed from the case with his entire investigatory team after having led the probe for more than three years.

Second whistleblower revealed

The second letter from the same attorneys for the SSA was sent on May 20 to IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel, which also raised the issue of alleged retaliation against both the SSA as well as the newly revealed case agent who is the second whistleblower and has been part of the Hunter Biden probe since it first began more than five years ago.

Per that letter, the case agent had recently sent an email to several top IRS officials expressing disappointment at the team being removed from the case and frustration at how prior attempts to raise concerns about the handling of the probe had been ignored by superiors.

In response to that email, the case agent received a reply from an Assistant Special Agent in Charge that reprimanded him for stepping outside the normal chain of command and implied potential criminal consequences for doing so.

At the same time, another Acting Special Agent in Charge sent an email blast to all employees of the IRS-Criminal Division -- of which the two whistleblowers are a part -- that similarly reminded everyone to strictly adhere to the normal chain of command no matter what.

Congress urged to take action, date for committee testimony revealed

The third letter from the attorneys was sent on May 22 to various House and Senate committee leaders from both parties that advised them of the alleged retaliation against both whistleblowers and urged Congress to swiftly take action to address the situation and keep the whistleblowers protected.

That letter also seemed to chide the Democrat-led Senate Finance Committee for refusing to cooperate with the Republican-led House Ways and Means Committee in arranging for a single joint session -- or at least two sessions on consecutive days -- in order to minimize the risks for the first whistleblower to provide sworn testimony to Congress.

As things stand now, the IRS SSA will testify behind closed doors to the House committee on May 26, at which Senate committee staffers are invited to attend, but will no longer agree to appear separately before the Senate committee on a different date.

Meanwhile, despite the repeated mentions of the second whistleblower in the letters from the attorneys for the first whistleblower, it is unclear if the lawyers represent both individuals or if the case agent has obtained separate legal representation of their own.

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