Trump’s second conservative nominee approved for liberal 9th Circuit

While Democrats focus on impeaching President Donald Trump, Republicans are flipping liberally biased circuit courts around the country.

In another major win for Donald Trump, his nominee, Lawrence VanDyke, was approved by the Senate for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, a notoriously liberal court, on Wednesday, according to Fox News.

Flipping the courts

Recently, Trump flipped the 11th Circuit Court, which had a liberal lean for quite some time. That was actually the third court that had been flipped by the Trump administration.

VanDyke is now the second conservative that Trump has been able to name to the Ninth Circuit Court in less than 24 hours, and his 50th successful appointment in three years.

This may actually be one of the most liberal courts in the country right now, encompassing most of California, Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and parts of Washington state.

There are a total of 30 seats in the Ninth Circuit, and 10 of them have now been appointed by Trump.

Of those 30, 14 would be considered to have a conservative lean, so Trump is very close to flipping yet another circuit court overall, which would be his fourth.

Putting Obama to shame

These appointments should be filled as quickly as they come in, but that was not the case with former President Barack Obama.

Over the course of eight years, Obama only filled a total of 55 seats.

Trump, in less than three years, has filled 50 seats, with more vacancies already on the books to be filled.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) made a very strong commitment to Trump to fill these seats, and together, they are not disappointing their supporters.

While Democrats are whipping themselves up into a frenzy over impeachment, Trump and Republican senators are hard at work systematically flipping courts across the nation and ensuring that Trump’s legacy lives on long after he leaves the White House.

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