Report: Second caravan of migrants headed toward US southern border

A massive caravan of at least 5,000 mostly Central American migrants is making its way north through Mexico toward the U.S. border — and while Democrats and the liberal media have all but rolled out the welcome mat for the approaching column of migrants, President Donald Trump and Republicans have called for increased border security and even military intervention to prevent the group from entering the United States. Meanwhile, new reports have emerged that suggest that this caravan is not alone in their illicit travel toward the U.S.

A second, smaller caravan is said to have formed in the wake of the first and is following its path northward.

Second caravan

Reuters reported that a group of about 1,000 Central Americans has been spotted in Guatemala.

The migrants are apparently are the move toward the Mexican border, just a few days behind the first caravan, which recently stopped for a day of rest near the town of Huixtla in southern Mexico.

The second group, said to be composed mostly of Hondurans, much like the first caravan, was last seen headed north from the eastern Guatemalan town of Chiquimula.

Still, that group still may not be the only one to follow the lead of the first caravan.

Reuters reported that additional groups are currently in the process of forming up for a trip northward, no doubt encouraged by the support shown to the first caravan by Dems and the media.

Trump’s response

Meanwhile, President Trump and other officials have made it clear that it is the responsibility of the various Central American nations to manage their own populations and prevent massive caravans of migrants who intend to illegally enter the U.S. from traveling through their own countries.

Trump has placed annual foreign aid to those nations on the chopping block if they fail to assist in stopping the northerly progress of the caravans, and while some may suspect that the president is bluffing on cutting off aid to Central American nations, he has shown previously that he is not averse to cutting foreign aid in order to send a message.

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Trump has also been adamant that he will shut down the southern U.S. border with the U.S. military if the caravan gets too close, another action that some may assume is only a bluff, but few appear prepared to challenge, as again, the president has shown in prior instances that he will make all efforts to keep his word when he makes a promise.

It remains to be seen if the original caravan will continue apace with additional groups following in their wake to approach the U.S. border in a series of waves, or if the first group will slow their progress to allow the follow-on groups to catch up and form one massive army of migrants to hit the border at once.

Regardless, rest assured that President Trump and his administration will be ready if — or when — the caravan(s) arrive at the border.

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