Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan announces she won’t be running for a second term

Seattle’s “summer of love” was nothing less than a total disaster for what was once a great American city. Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) completely mishandled the violence and unrest in her city that ultimately led to cutting police and all-around worsened conditions.

It’s not a surprise, then, that Durkan announced this week that she is not seeking a second term as mayor. She justified her decision, however, by claiming that helping her city through the COVID-19 pandemic takes priority over running for office, according to Fox News.

Focus on COVID

In a video message, Durkan announced her intentions to focus on helping Seattle through the pandemic and vaccine distribution, saying that running for office would only get in the way of those priorities.

“We know stopping the spread of the virus, projecting jobs and focusing on the economic recovery … is going to take everything we’ve got. As mayor approaching the last year of my term, that meant a choice – I could spend the next year campaigning to keep this job or focus all my energy on doing the job,” Durkan said.

“I will focus on leading our city as we plan to reopen and distribute a vaccine,” the mayor added.

Durkan made sure to point out several accomplishments she was responsible for in her video, including her work on creating tuition-free college and expanding access to affordable housing in the city.

The 62-year-old mayor’s announcement also comes on the heels of a nasty recall battle of a Seattle City Council member, although the recall effort was eventually tossed out by the state’s Supreme Court, according to KIRO7.


Durkan became known to the masses in the wake of civil unrest in Seattle that would eventually lead to the formation of “autonomous zones” in the middle of the city, where activists essentially had free reign to do whatever they pleased.

The Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) and Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) zones quickly caught the attention of the national media, with many outlets staging reporters on the ground near the camps.

President Donald Trump, who slammed the mayor for allowing the lawlessness to go on for months, threatened to cut Seattle’s federal funding.

According to The New York Times, Seattle police were finally ordered to clear the illegal encampments, and did so with heavy riot gear and equipment in the early morning hours. The order to clear the camps came in the wake of several shootings in and around the encampments.

Although it’s almost certain the next Seattle mayor will still be a Democrat, hopefully it’s someone who has some sense of how to properly run a great American city and not let it devolve into complete anarchy and chaos.

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