Seattle mayor reacts after report reveals Barr pushed for sedition charges over protests

A new report from The New York Times has sent a wave of panic throughout the Democratic Party, all the way to Washington state.

According to the Times, Attorney General William Barr is pressuring prosecutors throughout the Justice Department to aggressively pursue sedition charges against violent protesters and those who were complicit in their actions — Democrat officials included.

Lock them up!

For the most part, Democratic mayors and district attorneys throughout the country have shied away from aggressively charging protesters who lined the streets in demonstrations against alleged police brutality. Even when violent rioters were initially put behind bars, many ended up walking free.

This has been frustrating not only for law enforcement, but also for the Trump administration. Now, however, it seems Barr is looking to change things.

According to The New York Times, prosecutors have been ordered to target not just rioters, but also some Democrat mayors deemed to be complicit in the events that took place, such as Seattle’s mayor, Jenny Durkan.

If you remember, Durkan refused to break up the so-called “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” or CHAZ, named for a neighborhood in Seattle, until after several residents lost their lives. Her inaction and refusal to prosecute protesters could to some extent be interpreted to fit the definition of sedition — or at least, it’s worth a second thought.

“The rule of law”

When informed of the action, Durkan was livid, of course. In a statement, she claimed that Barr is weaponizing the Department of Justice (DOJ).

“Today’s report is chilling and the latest abuse of power from the Trump administration,” she said of the Times‘ report.

“As a former U.S. Attorney, I took an oath of office to protect the Constitution and the rule of law,” Durkan added. “That is the bedrock of our country and why the Department of Justice cannot become a political weapon operated at the behest of the President to target those who have spoken out against this administration’s actions.”

She went on: “That is an act of tyranny, not of democracy.”

But Durkan had every opportunity to shut down CHAZ before it spiraled out of control, and she didn’t. Now, Barr should at least look into the matter to see if she deserves to be charged for her complicity.

Durkan may think Barr is weaponizing the DOJ, but what he is really doing is ensuring that nobody is above the law — including Democrat mayors.

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