Seattle City Council approves plan to defund police

The idea of disbanding a police force in modern-day America may seem unreasonable to many, but some Democrats in office are already fully embracing the idea.

Seattle’s city council passed a radical proposal on Monday that will significantly defund and reduce the police presence in the city.

No Lessons Learned

At first, everyone assumed the calls to “defund the police” in Seattle was a political stunt. The initial “test,” so to speak, was the CHAZ/CHOP area that was taken over by leftist radicals in the heart of the city following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Within days of Seattle’s mayor tagging it the “summer of love,” violence broke out in the zone, with shootings and multiple deaths. From a national point of view, the experiment was a complete failure and if anything, proved that we need a police presence on our streets.

Reduce and Disband

But on Monday, the law-abiding residents of Seattle realized their worst nightmare.

Seattle’s city council, led by president Lorena Gonzalez (D), voted 7-1 to pass a proposal that will eliminate as many as 100 police officers from the SPD’s current roster, cut numerous specialized teams, and reduce salaries of top staff. The sole member who voted no said that the proposal did not go far enough. One member abstained.

This would reduce annual payroll costs by about 10 percent, a move that is being widely celebrated by the leftist groups that were holding the city of Seattle hostage only a few short weeks ago.

Councilwoman Teresa Mosqueda (D) stated, “While we can’t do everything in this summer rebalancing package, we have set the path forward for tremendous work in front of us as a council and as a city.”

The City Council proposal actually goes against the advice of Mayor Jenny Durkan, who seems to have had a change of heart lately in terms of how to deal with the demands of the anti-police protesters.

She has also pointed out that the current proposal could backfire, leading to layoffs of many of the officers of color that only recently joined the SPD.

Police chief resigns

A day later, the “unintended” consequences are already happening — Seattle police chief Carmen Best, the city’s first Black police chief, announced Tuesday that she is resigning. According to Fox News, she told a reporter that it “is not about the money, and it certainly isn’t about the demonstrators.”

“It really is about the overarching lack of respect for the officers, the men and women who work so hard, day in and day out,” she stated.

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