Sean Spicer exposes President Biden’s sinister plan, hostile military takeover

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer exposed the Biden administration’s nasty agenda to corrupt our military, the Daily Mail reported.

Spicer, along with 17 other officials, were removed from the boards of U.S. military academies by the Biden administration. The objective is clear to many: President Biden is purging conservatives from influential positions in our military. 

Spicer said, “The reason for the Biden administration’s actions is clear: They want to inject far-left ideology such as critical race theory into the curriculum of the service academies without the pushback or oversight that Congress intended when the boards were established.”

Leftist takeover

The left is engaged in a hostile takeover of our military and they are determined to spread their woke ideology.

While the Biden administration claimed that the individuals who were asked to resign weren’t qualified for their positions, as the New York Post reported, reality paints a very different picture.

One of the individuals who was targeted by the Biden administration was Meaghan Mobbs, a West Point graduate and veteran of the Afghanistan war.

Hobbs took to Twitter to announce she would not be resigning and said, “this great institution is now being subjected to and hijacked by partisan action.”

Spicer continued saying, “This administration is attacking the qualifications of people who have served our country and is setting a dangerous precedent by politicizing these institutions. Our military and the service academy boards should be beyond the reach of petty political stunts like this.”

Time to fight back

Many believe the purge of conservative minds from our military institutions is the prelude to tyranny.

Democrats seemingly want to solidify their grip on the U.S. military. Democrats know that they are losing control of the people and need to hedge their bets.

Controlling the military will allow the left to further prosecute their agenda and Americans need to start pushing back.

Americans need to wake up to what is happening. The left is clearly working to subvert our military institutions to push their sinister ideology.

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