Hannity says Trump will ‘find a way to get the money’ to build a border wall

Fox News host Sean Hannity put his fans on notice Tuesday night and left no doubt that President Donald Trump will find the money to fund a border wall, regardless of what’s included in this week’s government spending bill.

President Donald Trump is a man of his word, Hannity says, and he’s already promised to build the wall.

What Compromise?

Legislators on both sides of the aisle are calling the latest Congressional government funding bill a compromise.

After seeing the details of the bill, however, you would have to wonder exactly what it was Democrats gave up. Their only concession was a last-minute demand to have severe restrictions put on detainees.

When the main selling point of the legislation is that we get to detain more criminals, there is something seriously wrong with the legislation.

When Americans commit crimes, they are put in jail. There is no amnesty for criminals simply because a certain number of them have been arrested already.

Anything Good?

There are some positives in the bill, as some areas of border control get a boost in funding.

However, there is also some tricky wording as well. One section would essentially stop ICE from detaining border-crossers who have a “relationship” with unaccompanied minors — creating a huge incentive for child trafficking.

As bad as this legislation is, however, it would not be a surprise to see Trump put his signature on it solely to keep the government operational. If he does that, it will be a major concession to the Democrats and one they will use against him during the election.

But Hannity still believes Trump can sign this legislation and still win the battle for the border wall. Trump can declare a national emergency, a move the Democrats will fight in court. In all likelihood, Trump will lose the early rounds as the case makes its way to the Supreme Court, which is what Trump wants.

If the Supreme Court “does its job,” it should rule in favor of Trump and allow him to fund the wall through other avenues.

That is a big IF, though. Justice Roberts has proven he is not afraid to side with liberals. If that happens in this case, it would be an absolutely crushing blow to the Trump administration’s effort to fix the illegal immigration problem.

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