Sean Hannity says America’s election system is ‘broken’

Sean Hannity just dropped a bombshell about America’s “broken” election system.

On his self-named show Thursday night, the Fox News host said the American public should be frustrated that the election process is in shambles and the results of the White House race are technically still unofficial due to allegations of fraud that are playing out in the courts — and he blamed the media for letting it slide.

Hannity suggested the problems are the result of “so-called journalists” being content that the results went their way, even as questions about the integrity of the election remain. He noted that President Donald Trump was relentlessly attacked by the media throughout his re-election campaign, while Joe Biden often got softball questions and was largely allowed to hide in his basement this year.

“So it’s no surprise that so-called journalists now have no interest in looking into cases of American citizens saying that these are serious abuses of power here,” Hannity said Thursday, according to Fox. “They got the outcome they wanted… They don’t really care what happened.”

A “broken” system

Hannity alleged that laws were broken in this year’s elections and that large numbers of uncounted votes are still coming to light two weeks after the voting was supposed to occur.

“Does that not rub you the wrong way?” he asked viewers, as Fox reported. “They all point to an election system that is broken — you would think every American cares — one that better be fixed or it’s going to keep happening.”

A Morning Consult poll taken after major media outlets including Hannity’s own Fox News projected Joe Biden as the winner shows a stunning lack of trust in the election results among Republicans.

Only 27% of Republicans said that official election results are “reliable,” down from 70% before the election. Two-thirds of Republicans say the 2020 election was not or probably not free and fair.

A “rigged” election?

Clearly, the GOP’s trust in elections has hit new lows after hearing about hundreds of affidavits alleging election fraud, seeing thousands of ballots get “found” during a recount in Georgia, and watching Trump lawyers allege that voting machines were programmed to help Biden win.

Despite these concerns, 65% of all voters surveyed by Morning Consult — and 47% of Republicans — thought it was very or somewhat unlikely that the 2020 election results would be overturned.

Of course, that doesn’t mean President Trump is ready to give up the fight.

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