Fox News’ Sean Hannity defends CNN’s Chris Cuomo after ‘Fredo’ outburst

CNN’s Chris Cuomo has been under fire for his over-the-top response to being called “Fredo.”

However, at least one conservative media member, Sean Hannity, has come out to support him, saying, “I don’t think he needed to apologize to anybody.”

Hey, Fredo!

To be clear, the incident never should have happened in the first place. Cuomo was clearly being set up by someone hoping to become an instant celebrity by taunting the CNN personality.

Calling someone Fredo is akin to calling them stupid, weak, or a wimp (not the equivalent of the “N” word for Italians as Cuomo contends). It is an insult, but nothing that should set someone off on the tirade we saw from Cuomo.

It is also worth noting that while one of Cuomo’s biggest points of contention is that he was with his wife and 9-year-old daughter, he was the one threatening violence and dropping F-bombs during the confrontation.

Even so, he simply should have walked away from the man and not given him the satisfaction.

Sticking Up for Himself

Cuomo did not just walk away, however, and now his response is part of the Twitterverse for everyone to see. The day after the video went public, Cuomo apologized on the social media platform, saying “I should be better than the guys baiting me.”

Hannity actually saluted Cuomo for sticking up for himself. In addition to that, Hannity blasted the antagonist that interfered in Cuomo’s personal time with his family.

the Fox star made it quite clear that nobody should be approaching celebrities in public simply for the sake of baiting them into a confrontation so they can get their 15 minutes of fame.

What would be nice is if liberal pundits and Democrats came out just as strong against people that do this type of thing to conservative pundits and Republicans.

When Tomi Lahren had water thrown on her at a restaurant, we heard nothing. When Ted Cruz was confronted at a restaurant with his wife, we heard nothing.

Quite the contrary, actually, as Democrats like Maxine Waters encouraged this type of behavior.

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