Sean Hannity goes head to head with Bill de Blasio over gun rights

Fox News’ Sean Hannity took the opportunity to expose Democrat presidential candidate and NYC mayor Bill de Blasio for what he is on live TV.

In a one on one interview with the presidential candidate, Hannity pressed de Blasio for answers to key questions over and over again, to de Blasio’s obvious frustration.

Can’t answer a question

The interview started on immigration and was clearly already tense. Hannity shifted the topic to gun control, as de Blasio is a huge advocate for strict gun control.

In their discussion, Hannity asked, “Should every New Yorker have the same protection you have?”

The response Hannity got was a total non-answer. De Blasio responded to the question saying, “I believe people have rights, I believe we need new gun safety laws. AND we have a police department…that is making it safer all the time.”

The question is an important one. How can a politician think it is reasonable to be protected at all times by armed guards, and then turn around and deny everyday citizens the same safeguards?

As Hannity pressed de Blasio for a real answer, the candidate got obviously flustered. He avoided giving a real answer by saying “you are trying to set up a reality where you get to paint a picture on your own terms. It doesn’t work that way.”

Constitutional Rights

Every American deserves the right to bear arms in order to protect themselves. It’s in the DNA of the United States of America.

Politicians and celebrities have their security teams to keep themselves safe, but according to liberals average Americans don’t deserve that.

Bill de Blasio is an arrogant gun grabber. He thinks that Americans should rely on the police to protect them, instead of insisting on preservation of the basic human right to defend oneself from harm.

Many Americans live in places where it takes double the time for emergency services to reach them in times of crisis than it does in more centralized locale. This makes the ability to take action in one’s own defense vitally important.

The Constitution gave Americans the right to keep and bear arms. Anyone threatening that liberty simply needs to go, and that includes any sitting president. Our constitutional rights matter more than anything else. If we forget that we will lose our country.

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