Sean Hannity to appear at upcoming Missouri rally in support of Trump, Republicans

Over the last three years, Fox host Sean Hannity has become a favorite of Trump supporters — and the president has taken notice.

In an effort to boost support for GOP candidates ahead of Tuesday’s elections, Trump has invited Sean Hannity to appear at one of his final midterm rallies in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

The Big Guns

A lot of people were surprised to see Hannity’s name on the guest list for Trump’s rally.

It is not commonplace for a news personality to become so involved with a candidate or a campaign.

While this practice would normally be looked at as taboo for a news anchor, Hannity fits into another mold.

Hannity runs an opinion show, so he is not held to the same restrictions as someone like Brett Baier, for instance.

In addition to Hannity, conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh is also expected to appear.

Guest or journalist?

The White House has gone to great lengths to draw a line between guests and journalists at Trump events.

In this case, the White House has made it very clear that Hannity is not there to perform his duties for Fox News.

Instead, he is there to support the president, his agenda, and the same Republicans candidates the president is supporting.

But while the administration continues to tout Hannity’s appearance, Fox News Channel as a whole has been trying to separate itself from the president in recent weeks — including in its coverage of Hannity’s upcoming appearance.

Fox officials have said Hannity is merely doing his show remotely from the rally.

They also stated he would be interviewing the president, not actually campaigning for him.

Even with the slight pushback, this still shows a significant change in stance by the network.

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Back in 2010, Hannity was scheduled to do a similar appearance for a Tea Party rally.

Then, however, he was forced to pull out by Fox ownership, who did not want to give even the slightest appearance of the network siding with one party over the other.

Times are a-changin’.

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