Sean Hannity allowed Donald Trump’s lawyers to host his radio show

Sean Hannity just did something that has liberal media outlets completely flipping out.

Hannity leveled the playing field by handing his radio show over to Trump’s legal team on Friday.

Guest Hosts

Early Friday morning, Hannity was the one to break the news.

On Twitter, he announced both Jay Sekulow and Rudy Giuliani would have the microphone as guests hosts later that day.

Now, before liberals try to cry foul, let’s consider how many times Michael Avenatti has been given a platform to spew his anti-Trump rhetoric so far this year.

At one point, he appeared virtually every day on CNN over the course of two months.

With Sekulow and Giuliani now on even ground, they did not waste a second of their time.

While also taking questions from callers, the duo continued to hammer home talking points of the administration and touting Trump’s accomplishments so far.

Loyal Ally

It really was not much of a surprise to see Hannity allow Sekulow and Giuliani to take the controls of his radio show for a day.

Hannity has made it very clear he is on Trump’s side.

It is safe to say he considers himself one of Trump’s key allies in the media world as well as being a member of the President’s inner circle.

That very loyalty, in fact, has drawn the ire of some of his liberal counterparts at Fox.

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While Shephard Smith makes it a point to add dripping sarcasm to every story about Trump, he has openly disapproved of Hannity’s “cheerleading” for Trump.

Hannity is far from being out of line, though, as he hosts an opinion show, unlike Shepard, who is considered one of the network’s main anchors.

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