Dems fear SCOTUS gerrymandering ruling could restrict abortion access: Report

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court dismissed a lower court’s ruling on gerrymandering.

According to a report from The Washington Post, Democrats believe that ruling will ultimately give Republicans a significant edge and allow them to push through stricter abortion laws in states where they do not hold a true electoral majority, such as Michigan.

Overriding the Governor

Michigan’s Democratic governor hoped the Supreme Court would rule in a way that would facilitate a veto of anti-abortion legislation currently being proposed in the state.

Since the Supreme Court did not do so, however, such an action will be much harder to execute due to a provision contained in the Constitution of the State of Michigan.

The provision, known as the indirect initiative process, allows citizens to propose legislation via petition.

If enough signatures are obtained on a given proposal, the legislation can be sent to the state House where a simple majority can turn it into law.

Democrats’ Critique

Democrats are now saying that gerrymandering gives Republicans a significant edge in elections and that legislative outcomes, potentially on an issue such as abortion, would likely not represent the true will of the state’s voters.

“It’s clever but it’s deeply undemocratic. Through this loophole, they’re still able to pass laws as though the gubernatorial election never happened,” University of Chicago law professor Nichols Stephanopoulus said.

Or, perhaps, this specific provision was put into Michigan’s constitution specifically to ensure the people still had power in their own government.

State Legislatures Take Action

A significant number of state legislatures in this country are controlled by Republicans, with many of them attempting to pass long-shot anti-abortion laws or statutes that heavily restrict abortion.

While it is unlikely that Roe v. Wade will ever be overturned, Republicans in individual states can enact legislation that would prevent abortions from being considered a form of birth control, which is how too many liberals seem to view it.

For now, pro-life groups have reason to celebrate, but it seems certain that Democrats will figure out a way to fight back to ensure they can go on killing innocent babies before they are ever born.

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