Retired SCOTUS justice bemoans lack of civility – just months after Dems smeared his replacement

The most recently retired Supreme Court justice seems upset with the current state of our citizens.

During a recent appearance, Justice Anthony Kennedy boldly stated: “We have a social framework of decency that we’re quickly losing.”

The Reality of the Cyber Age

Smartphones have changed our society — and probably not for the better. Today, walk down any street or sit down at a café, and all you see are people looking down at their phones.

It has become a society of instant gratification and a penchant for cyberbullying. Indeed, it’s easy to be tough when you not actually facing that person.

In his talk, Kennedy himself blamed the cyber age for creating an egocentric society.

“Our young people in the cyber age don’t think the past is important,” Kennedy said. “If it’s not on your screen, it’s not important.”

Lack of Civility

Hopefully, Kennedy’s words sunk into those that were fortunate enough to hear him, because he is absolutely correct in his assessment.

There was once a time when people with different ideologies could sit down and have a civil discussion. Those days are seemingly gone, however.

Today, liberals look at conservatives with disgust in their eyes. They look at the history of the south and consider anyone that is proud of their southern heritage to be a racist.

There is no longer mutual respect — just hatred and anger.

Everyone blames Trump, but the divide in this country was planted during the Obama administration and left to fester. By the time the 2016 presidential election took place, the wounds were infected and ready to spread on both sides of the political line.

Our country needs to get back to the point where Americans can disagree with each other but still respect where they are coming from.

More importantly, they need to be able to work together to find an area where both parties can live with the solution.

Sadly, that day does not appear as though it will arrive anytime soon. The stalemate between Democrats and Republicans over the border wall is proof of that.

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