SCOTUS blocks illegals living under Temporary Protected Status from applying for permanent residence

The Supreme Court ruled unanimously on Monday to end the ability of illegal immigrants living under Temporary Protected Status to apply for permanent residence, The Daily Caller reported.

Although the Court is portrayed by the media as strictly partisan, the justices broke partisan lines and ruled in accordance with the law.

Supreme Court fixing immigration

Thanks to the incompetence of Congress and the politics of the Democratic Party, the Supreme Court has had to step in to fix our broken immigration system, and it’s likely Americans will have to continue to rely on the Supreme Court to close loopholes and ensure systems aren’t being abused.

The TPS system was designed for those seeking asylum from war-torn countries, not illegal immigrants looking to force their way in.

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagen wrote in the majority opinion that, “The TPS program gives foreign nationals nonimmigrant status, but it does not admit them. So the conferral of TPS does not make an unlawful entrant … eligible to apply to become a permanent resident.”

This case signals that the entirety of the Supreme Court could have a big impact on immigration policy if more cases reach that level. Unlike lower courts, the Supreme Court can be expected to avoid judicial activism.

TPS is far from the only program that illegal immigrants have abused, and the general idea of asylum needs an overview from the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court functioning

One thing is for sure; Democrats are furious with this ruling as it’s a staunch reinforcement of the idea that immigrants must use legal and proper channels to become residents in the United States.

The ruling was also one of many that reinforce the functionality of the Supreme Court.

Democrats have argued that Republicans “stole” the Supreme Court, but the recent unanimous rulings suggest otherwise.

The Court may have a 6-3 conservative majority, but partisan lines are often irrelevant, undermining Democrats’ insistence that the Court needs to be expanded.

The Court has recently issued a slew of unanimous decisions in stout rebuttal to Democrat initiatives, so it’s no wonder that Democrats want to upend the institution by installing left-wing ideologues.

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