SCOTUS Chief says it ‘might be best’ to move on from identity of Dobbs leaker and ‘other unfortunate things’

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts said on Friday night that he thinks it might be time to “move on” from the Dobbs leak and “other unfortunate things,” even as the investigation into who leaked the Dobbs decision continues.

Speaking to judges attending the 10th Circuit Bench and Bar Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Roberts said, “I think just moving forward from things that were unfortunate is the best way to respond.”

He expressed relief that the barricades that had surrounded the court after some justices were threatened have come down, and that members of the public will be allowed to attend oral arguments again for the first time since COVID-19 began to spread in 2020.

Roberts also revealed that the court’s newest justice Ketanji Brown Jackson would be formally invested on September 30, days before the court’s new term begins.

The report is being finished “soon”

He praised Jackson, saying, “She is going to be a wonderful justice.”

Fellow justice Neil Gorsuch said that the report about the leak investigation should be completed “soon,” but didn’t say whether that report would be made public.

He continues to condemn the leak, and said that leaks inhibit the justices’ ability to discuss and debate decisions before they are made public.

Such debate “improves our final products,” Gorsuch insisted.

Will the leaker come forward?

While TownHall speculated that the leaker’s identity might never be found, the media outlet also said the leaker might come forward at some later point in order to galvanize dissent or public opinion.

“It may be more likely that the leaker comes forward in due time as part of some public messaging campaign to try and become a hero to the leftist activists and Democrat politicians who used the leak to justify their illegal intimidation efforts against justices at their homes,” the outlet said.

There are still many questions surrounding the leak, including whether it was a criminal act.

While the leaker likely does want to come forward and take credit for fomenting some level of dissent, he or she may be afraid of the long arm of the law in this instance.

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