Sen. Tim Scott takes aim at Pelosi, Democrats for sinking police reform bill

Last week, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) put forth reasonable police reform legislation in the form of the JUSTICE Act, but the proposal sadly died on the Senate floor Wednesday after falling short on a procedural vote.

Republicans failed to attract the Democrats need to move the legislation forward — and according to the Washington Examiner, Sen. Scott believes the bill was blocked purposefully by House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) and her fellow Dems.

Kicking the can down the road

Democrats are on record with their belief that police reform is needed, and it is needed now.

Sen. Scott, for his part, put together a comprehensive plan and offered Democrats the opportunity to provide input, but as CBS News reported, they declared his proposal “unsalvageable” and a non-starter.

When the bill was brought to the Senate floor for a procedural vote so it could move to the next phase of consideration, it stalled, falling five votes short of the 60 required.

The senator from South Carolina has placed the blame for this result squarely at the feet of Pelosi and her Democrats.

“They’ve decided to punt this bill until the election,” he declared, according to the Examiner. “You know why? Because they believe the polls reflect a 15-point deficit on our side, therefore, they can get the vote they want in November. All they have to do is win the election, then roll in January and get the chance to write the police reform bill without our support at all.”

Ulterior motives

Scott is definitely on target as to why the Democrats stood in the way of legislation that seemingly everyone should have been able to get behind: Democrats simply cannot allow Republicans the ability to take credit for police reform legislation.

Furthermore, they need the issue to remain unsettled in advance of the upcoming election as a bargaining chip to use with minority voters.

As Scott astutely pointed out, Democrats are hoping to hold the House, win back the Senate, and take the White House as well, rendering delayed action on police reform a potentially effective strategic gambit.

Should such an electoral tidal wave occur, Democrats will have the ability to pass just about any law they desire without a stitch of input from Republicans, a terrifying prospect indeed.

What we are seeing, patriots, is the shameful hijacking of our government by the left. Luckily, some in Washington, including Scott, won’t stand for it.

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