Schumer caught touting impeachment months before Ukraine phone call

Fair trial, unbiased jury … These are things Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has insisted upon in the impeachment trial.

That would mean Schumer is fair and unbiased, right? But if that is the case, then why was Schumer caught on camera promising to impeach Trump in September 2018, months before the infamous Ukraine phone call that kicked this impeachment process off?

Schumer’s true intentions exposed

Schumer is on Twitter every day demanding a fair trial and railing about unbiased jurors.

He also has targeted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), saying in December, “he has no intention of conducting a fair trial,” and reiterating the accusation every chance he gets.

The problem for Schumer, though, is that he is far from fair and he is anything but unbiased. When Schumer ran for office for the first time, it was during the Clinton impeachment. Schumer made not voting in favor of the Clinton impeachment one of his platform issues.

He also openly railed against allowing more witnesses or documents into the Senate trial than what they already had from the House hearings, even though he is making the opposite demands for the Trump impeachment trial.

As far as Schumer going into this trial with an open mind, well, then he is going to have to explain why in September 2018, while participating in a local parade, he responded to the question, “When are you all going to impeach Trump?” with, “The sooner the better.”

Deny, deny, deny

As usual, when Schumer was presented with this information, he claimed to have “misheard” the question. That is a very thin excuse, based on the video evidence.

The fact of the matter is that Democrats have been looking for a reason to impeach Trump since the moment the election results were finalized in 2016.

They kept digging and digging, then the Ukraine whistleblower came forward to give them the ammo they needed to launch an official impeachment inquiry based on Trump’s July 25th phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Why is all this happening? Because Donald Trump is threatening to expose the corrupt nature of our political system and every one of these politicians knows they are all going down if we dig deep enough.

This was never about really impeaching Trump, it is about power and protecting their careers.

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