Schumer caught on video breaking strict mask ordinance in Puerto Rico

News stories regarding Democrats caught without a mask at both public and private events seem all too common nowadays.

According to Fox News, the familiar storyline cropped up once again as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumber (D-NY) was spotted on a dance floor in Puerto Rico busting a move while forgoing the government-mandated mask requirement. 

Video footage of Schumer’s fun time on the dance floor without wearing a mask was uploaded to social media, and it immediately went viral as yet another example of a Democrat practicing “rules for thee, but not for me.”

What happened?

Schumer, along with several high-profile New York Democrats, took a trip to the U.S. territory to attend the annual SOMOS Puerto Rico Conference — an event that celebrates the promotion of Latin representation in the U.S. government.

But it was The New York Times’ Emma Fitzsimmons who presumably inadvertently ratted out Schumer for breaking the mask ordinance, as she posted a video clip of the New York senator having a great time on the dance floor.

As one can observe, it appears as if few people in the room cared about mask mandates, and they’re likely part of the same group of people who are all too quick to shame a regular citizen for breaking such a rule.

Schumer’s maskless charade is especially notable given Puerto Rico’s fairly strict mask ordinance, which requires everyone — even the vaccinated — to wear a mask during indoor events, and at outdoor events with over 50 people in attendance.

Total hypocrite

Schumer has been at the forefront of the Democrats’ attempt to act as the de facto mask police. In the tweet below, you can see just how important Schumer believes wearing a mask is, unless, of course, it’s him.

Schumer joins a growing list of high-profile Democrats, including President Joe Biden, who seem to laugh off mask requirements but are equally quick to criticize those who fail to abide by the same rules.

It would be much easier for Democrats to avoid such controversies by finally admitting that makes requirements, at best, are questionable as far as their effectiveness. At this point in time, with COVID-19 case rates plummeting around the country, even in areas where masks aren’t required, it’s clear that the jig is up.

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