School verdict: Constitution protects speech – if no one objects to it!

September 1, 2023
World Net Daily

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A school in Colorado Springs apparently is of the belief that the Constitution protects an individual's speech – as long as no one objects to the speech.

That's the conclusion as a result of a fight in the school over one student's Gadsden flag patch on his backpack.

The school, falsely claiming that it was a representation of slavery, banned it from class, then backtracked by issuing a statement supporting the Constitution.

Now, however, the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression is getting involved.

The group has announced, "Colorado public school to allow the student to display Gadsden flag patch — as long as nobody complains."

The dispute involves middle schooler Jaiden Rodriguez and the Gadsden patch on his backpack.

The FIRE reported, "After video of a school administrator meeting with the student and his mother went viral earlier this week, the school relented and will allow him to sport the patch '[a]t this time.' However, the student’s mother, Eden Rodriguez, informed FIRE that the school district’s assistant superintendent told her this 'permission' comes with a troubling caveat: If a student or staff member complains about the patch, it must come off."

The report noted that the school also is demanding that Jaiden remove another patch that "is equally protected by the First Amendment," representing a gun rights nonprofit.

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