School principal calls police on four-year-old with developmental issues for not wearing a facemask

COVID craziness continues in California.

Fox News reports that a school official had police remove a father and his son from the building because the four-year-old boy, who has developmental issues, was not wearing a facemask. 

The incident took place on Aug. 10 at the Theuerkauf Elementary School in the Mountain View Whisman School District.

The identity of the boy has not been released, and the father is only being referred to as “Shawn.” The school’s principal, though, has been identified as Michelle Williams.

What happened?

Last week, Williams began denying the boy access to the school because of his failure to wear a facemask. This led to a confrontation on Thursday between Williams and Shawn, which Shawn captured on camera.

After escorting the boy out of the classroom, Williams tells Shawn:

I welcome him here, and I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I want him here but it is our district’s policy to have to wear a mask. I am here to serve all our students on our campus. I cannot keep spending time on this same issue.

Williams then told Shawn that she is going to have to have him removed from the school’s campus if he does not leave voluntarily. Williams did end up calling the police, who arrived and asked Shawn to leave the campus.

What now?

Shawn is considering whether to bring a lawsuit against the school. But, for the time being, his attorney has sent the school a cease and desist letter and Shawn continues to bring the boy to the school, only to be denied access.

The school has had a strict coronavirus mask policy in place for some time, but it appears that the policy is now in a state of flux. The school district is currently determining, on a week-by-week basis, whether or not facemasks must be worn by students, and they base this determination on the latest COVID-19 figures.

It is unclear whether the school will continue to deny access to the boy. Even if the school district does move away from mandatory facemask wearing, it will still require masks to be worn on buses and at school events. So, it does not appear that the issue is just going to go away.

We’ll have to see how this all plays out.

Given what we now know about the coronavirus, including that common masks don’t offer great protection – as Dr. Anthony Fauci has admitted – and that children – and, for that matter much of the population – are not at risk of COVID complications, the whole situation is insane.

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