School demands $11,000 for access to public records about locker room fiasco

May 29, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

When a school in Wisconsin allowed a fiasco to develop in its shower rooms – an adult male allegedly showered nude with several young girls – the situation was bad.

But it got worse when the district demanded $11,000 from those seeking access to public records about the situation.

It is the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty that wanted the records.

It said the case involved "an adult biological male" who "showered naked with four freshman girls."

It requested information about the school's locker room policy and related documents, only to face the demand for $11,000 in payments.

"While schools may charge some small fees known as 'location costs' (and many schools waive these fees), the district is illegally charging exorbitant fees as a way to hide public records," WILL reported.

WILL lawyer Dan Lennington said, "The law demands more, and the district’s embrace of secrecy is an embarrassment. Students, parents, and taxpayers deserve transparency and accountability."

Reports documented that after the man allegedly was allowed to violate the privacy rights of four young female students, WILL wrote to the Sun Prairie Area School District charging the school failed to adequately address the violation.

It sought the school's records.

The letter explained four Sun Prairie East High School freshmen girls were disturbed when the "undressed" man, 18, got into the shower with the girls.

Fox News Digital said it had an email from the principal that admitted an incident occurred.

But the school said no information was being released without the payment, which would include $934 hourly rate for officials to start gathering the documents.

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