School decides to desegregate its 'meet and greet' for new students

August 19, 2023
World Net Daily

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A Wisconsin school district has desegregated its "meet and greet" events for new students for the coming school year.

Officials with the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty said it was the Appleton East High School that had announced plans for a race-based meeting.

"Freshman Students of Color Meet & Greet" the school had announced.

It had explained the meeting was for "students of color" to meet the "Cultural Advisor" on campus.

"Food will be provided – make sure to RSVP!" the district explains.

Students of color were promised an "introduction to the school" as well as a "tour" of its facilities.

"Make sure to bring the whole family!" the school said.

However, when asked about the race-based event, the school declined to explain anything, instead just issuing a state "clarifying" that the "Freshmen Students of Color Meet and Greet" is, in fact, "open" to all races.

The school said, "The Appleton Area School District has clarified the intent of the Freshmen Meet and Greet with the East Cultural Advisor and emphasized the event is open, and has always been open, to all incoming 9th-grade Appleton East students and their families. This clarification was shared earlier this week, on Tuesday afternoon, with Appleton East 9th-grade families. We also reminded East families of the four additional opportunities for 9th-grade students that have the purpose of setting them up for success in their high school careers and connecting them with the staff that will help them to ensure that success."

Dan Lennington, deputy counsel for WILL, explained, "We welcome the response from the school district but would encourage them to do even more to be inclusive to every student in the school district. We should be teaching children the foundational principles of equality enshrined in our Constitution."

He continued, "The district and its employees should emphatically reject all forms of race discrimination and explain why equality is always better than bigotry. By doing so, parents, students, and educators can build a true sense of community, not division."

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