Schiff admits he will not honor results of Durham investigation

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) appeared on ABC’s This Week on Sunday to make an argument against the investigation being conducted by U.S. Attorney John Durham into the origins of the Trump–Russia probe.

The Daily Caller reports that during that appearance, Schiff openly admitted that in his eyes, this is a “tainted” investigation — and he will not honor the outcome.

Caught in the act

Listening to Adam Schiff, you could not help but realize he was making Trump’s argument on how illegitimate the House investigations are.

At one point, Schiff states that you cannot simply start investigating people who lost the election just for the sake of doing so.

Well, Mr. Schiff, you can’t just investigate someone who won, either — especially after an independent investigation has already been conducted.

Schiff says Trump cannot direct the Justice Department to look into those that “properly looked into Russian interference in our election.”

That, however, is not what Trump is doing. The people who are being investigated by Durham are the individuals that called for the special counsel investigation, such as James Comey and certain members of the FBI.

The investigation was tainted

Schiff can be as coy as he wants to, but the only investigation that was “tainted” was Robert Mueller’s. The fact is, there were numerous people in the FBI involved in spinning the Russia collusion angle who wanted Trump taken out — most notably, Peter Strzok.

We also know documents were changed in the case of General Michael Flynn to give the appearance of wrongdoing and trap him in a lie.

Schiff claims Durham’s investigation is meant to hurt Trump’s political enemies, but the same can be said of the House investigations. Democrats were upset they lost the election, so the Mueller investigation was ordered.

When the Mueller investigation did not work out the way they wanted, they ordered House investigations to basically redo the Mueller probe.

So, Mr. Schiff, tell us again who is ordering investigations to hurt their political opponents?

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