Schiff warns that Trump may try to sell Alaska to Russia in bizarre closing argument

Head impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has said a lot of shocking things during his time in office, but this one takes the cake.

While trying to deliver his final argument in support of the coup disguised as an impeachment, Schiff bizarrely warned that Trump might try to sell Alaska back to the Russians to secure influence in the 2020 election.

Getting out of hand

These days, when you think of Adam Schiff, the word fearmonger surely comes to mind. He has been telling tales about Trump to stoke fear and has already begun questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election.

With his most recent statement, he combined both tactics to utter one of the most outrageous claims made by a politician in public in recent memory.

He attempted to warn the Senate that if Trump isn’t convicted, it will set a precedent that Trump could take serious advantage of in the future.

Schiff stated Monday, “Trump could offer Alaska to the Russians in exchange for support in the next election. Or decide to move to Mar-a-Lago personally and let Jared Kushner run the country, delegating to him the decision whether to go to war.”

He then stated, “We have known since the day we brought these charges that the bar to conviction requiring a full two-thirds of the Senate may be prohibitively high. And yet, the alternative is a runaway presidency and a nation whose elections are open to the highest bidder.”

The implication here is clear: Schiff is trying to tell Americans that if Trump is not removed, he will sacrifice American interests to the country that can pay the most, which Schiff clearly believes to be Russia.

Schiff has to go

The fact of the matter is that our elections have never been hijacked by a foreign government. Yes, some ads are inevitably bought, and foreign actors hire social media trolls, but that is about as far as it gets.

This is nothing new, by the way, as this type of low-level election meddling has been going on for decades, but Democrat claims about Russian election interference are patently and demonstrably false.

This is all Democrats have, though, because they realize they don’t have a candidate in this race who can actually win. This blatant disrespect for the established integrity of our elections and their incessant fearmongering can no longer be tolerated.

While Schiff claims Trump is the danger and the one who must be removed from office, it is actually Schiff himself, along with fellow House impeachment conspirators Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Jerry Nadler (D-NY), who presents the greatest danger to our political system.

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